Plus Size Women Fair Better in Male-Dominated Jobs

by Jun 6, 20200 comments

Women are moving into male-dominated careers more than men are moving into female-dominated jobs. Even better, there are so many initiatives encouraging women to join careers in technology, finance, construction, and engineering. Plus size women are not only rocking in fashion but also in male-dominated professions. These women are a ball of energy, and they spread the energy everywhere they go.

So Much Energy to Share

No one can hold plus-size women back, not even their bodies. The impression that a larger body means the person is less active is not true. According to Jessica Torres, a fashion blogger, weight is never a reason not to step out of the house and do something constructive.

With so much energy and motivation to see their goals through, plus size women create careers in so many fields, including construction.

The Need to Overcome Double Standards

Women who are slim are considered fit, but are they? Americans fear being chubby, and the media has only done so much to help plus size women. Many plus-sized women understand that being chubby does not mean that their health suffers according to a study by Harvard Medical School.

Chubby dancers are abhorred for promoting obesity while thin dancers get praises for being fit. Due to these, plus size women have a point to prove. They work harder to live better lives and join careers that are male-oriented such as construction.

Plus Size Women Make Healthy Choices

The feeling that plus-size women make lousy health choices is not valid. Weight, at times, is not a result of junk foods and poor eating habits. According to Harvard Medical School, genetics may account for 80 percent of the chances of being obese. If both your parents are overweight, there is an 80 percent chance you will be obese.

Plus size women, in a bid to live healthy lives with their weights, make more healthy choices in nutrition and even in careers. It is not a surprise to see chubby women in construction inspecting buildings.

Not only will they be inspecting buildings, but they might also be using the latest table saws to cut down wood or make curved cuts for stylish furniture. Even better, most of these modern table saws and jigsaw blades sport an excellent design for women thanks to their ease of us further support women in male careers.

Quality Life Over Size

Enjoying life is more important than dieting for decades. No one knows how to enjoy life more than plus-size women. It is not that plus-sized women have not tried to lose weight; most of them have tried. It is not easy to lose weight when genetics are involved. Most plus-size women live healthy lifestyles – focusing on being better rather than chronic dieting. This way, they can focus on their careers and less on how they look or what people say.


There is an increase in the number of women pursuing male-dominated careers – and plus-size women are at the forefront of this move.