About Us

This is a blog that is creating awareness about fashion and lifestyle of plus-size women. We also do not forget the women gaining weight as a result of carrying a life in their wombs- maternity clothing.

 Our Site focuses on educating the womenfolk on the trendy outfits that this women category of women can feel comfortable.

Naturally, plus-size men and women suffer from esteem issues to a point they feel they are off fashion. What is fashion? This is just trending clothing and lifestyle. It was meant for everyone irrespective of the body size and weight.

 The clothing includes jewelry, shoes and the belt. In fashion design we look at the total outlook of the person in line with his/her lifestyle. Our main focus is on the plus-size women, we tend to give them what is the best type of clothing, color, and the design that enhances their outlook.

 We demystify all the myths around the plus size women. We advise on the best fashion designs that suit every woman’s taste. When you are looking for a wardrobe makeover, yet you are disappointed by the clothing stores then you are in the right place.

Get in touch with any of our agents and explain to them what you need and how you want to look in terms of fashion. You won’t be disappointed.

 We listen and give you practical solutions as far as the fashion for your curves is concerned.

When you strictly follow our insights, you will be surprised by the number of applauds you have about your dressing even from strangers along the streets.

 You never know, a modeling company might approach you to be their brand ambassador- is that not an achievement?

 Our mission is to educate you on the dos and don’ts for a plus-size woman to be trendy and fashionable in the digital world.