Fashion for Curvy

What should be the fashion of heavy women?

Let’s go straight to the point on how should a plus-size woman should dress and feel stylish?

  1. It starts with you

Designers tailor the cloths but comfort should be an inner feeling. Be proud of your big body for the cloths to also fit you accordingly- fashion expert advice.

 It explains why some people put on a cloth and look ugly in them while others probably of similar size have the same cloth and look elegant in them. The answer lies in your inner peace.

  1. Use belts to enhance your figure

Whether you opt for a big belt or a slim belt, it all works for you. The belts enhance the curves. The slim belt is advisable when wearing prints while the thick belt is significant when wearing a plain dark color.

  1. Let bright colors speak volumes for you. Color is a focal point; Bright colors draw attention and use that you put on these colors in areas you are sure that you have the right body curves.

  The rest of the body parts can do well with the plain colors. However, you can also blend this with the colored jewelry to achieve the same objective. 

  1. Wear light-colored clothing around the curves you wish to show off

Do you know that the fabric types come in handy to show off your best body parts? Light clothing tends to draw the eyes hence, women should use the light fabric to accentuate the slim areas of the body.

5. Play around with prints

Although there is a myth that the large prints tend to make you look big while and small prints make you look small – what is wrong with either of that? If you feel that, that specific day you want to look big, go out and put on those large prints and walk tall.

 In case it’s a day you consider you need to look slimmer, dress in that slim print dress, you still look amazing. Whatever the dressing, it will not change the fact that you are heavy.

 6. Be confident with all the trends

Never shy away from the new trends just because of your body size. Who said that the trends were just meant for the slim ladies? The fact that the fashion style is common among the slim women does not throw the big women off the trend.

The Myths and Misconception about plus sizes…

Here are some myths and misconception about the plus-size woman fasion

  • Bikinis are a no go-zone for full-figured bodies

  • You need to cover all skin

  • You can’t be trendy as a big-size woman

  • Stick to plain colors rather than colored clothes

  • Stick to horizontal stripes, leave the vertical stripes for the slim women

  • Stilettos are not only for stick figures. Patently untrue. …

  • Leggings? …

  • Loud prints won’t call attention to your size. …

  • Boyfriend jeans won’t hide your curves. …

  • Don’t avoid bright colors. …

  • Sweats are not sloppy. …

  • Oversize shirts are not frumpy

“Go out of your way as a woman and dress on what makes you happy and confident. Your main goal should be modesty at all costs.”